Cannabis in Thailand

While cannabis was officially made legal for medical treatment in 2019, that doesn’t mean anyone can just walk into their local pharmacy or marijuana dispensary and buy bud.

Cannabis is still highly regulated in Thailand and law enforcement still takes possession seriously.

With legal penalties ranging from 5 – 15 years, knowing the cannabis laws in Thailand is important.


Thailand has been taking a slow and steady approach to making cannabis available to the public. 

Currently, only licensed care givers who have received special cannabis therapy training may prescribe cannabis for qualifying conditions, and only specifically licensed hospitals and clinics may dispense cannabis in Thailand.

But the number of clinics is expanding rapidly, and while not all of them see foreign patients, so we keep you updated on where you can go for treatment.


Cannabis is a fascinating field of healthcare that is only now being explored.  While CBD and THC are the two most commonly known forms of cannabinoids, there are at least 142 others, each having different therapeutic properties and potential for medicines.

Learn more about this new and exciting field of medicine.


Thailand has a long history, dating back hundreds, possibly over a thousand years, of using cannabis in foods, medicines, and for clothing.

For Thais, cannabis was an integral part of Thai culture and daily life until the global drug wars forced Thailand to penalize the use of marijuana and hemp.


While Thailand has gotten off to a slow start after legalizing cannabis, that hasn’t stopped cannabis culture and cannabis related events from charging forward.

Thailand is at the forefront of cannabis in the region and many Thais are excited about the economic prospects for their country and many are rediscovering cannabis culture.