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Is Marijuana Legal in Thailand? The Definitive Guide


Ever since the Thai government voted 166 to 0 to legalize cannabis for medicinal use in Nov 2018, the question “Is marijuana legal in Thailand?” has been a hot topic both online and throughout Thailand. That partially stems from the fact that the penalties for misunderstanding the law are quite severe. Marijuana is still considered … Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Speed up Legalization of Cannabis in Thailand


Given all the chaos going on around the world, it seems like now, more than ever, is when Thailand should embrace and legalize cannabis.   This window will not exist forever though.  Thailand has an opportunity to establish the Land of Smiles as the most forward-thinking country in the region.   Reason #1: The World … Read more

How To Get CBD in Thailand Legally as a Foreigner


There has been a lot of confusion surrounding whether or not foreigners can get CBD in Thailand legally. In fact, in a previous post, we detail some of the reasons foreigners may want to be cautious of obtaining CBD in Thailand. However, after several interviews with foreigner CBD patients, some clarification from the Office of … Read more

Misleading Cannabis News in Thailand


One of the things we quickly discovered in researching the cannabis laws in Thailand is that there was a lot of misleading cannabis news floating around. First off, before we even get started, we want to acknowledge the fact that we are not legal experts, nor are we experts in the Thai legislative process. But … Read more