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  • Cannabis Cafes: Weed is On The Menu in Thailand


    Thailand removed cannabis leaves from the narcotics list in December of 2020. This has resulted in cannabis cafes opening up across the country. The first cannabis cafe to open was Ban Lao Rueng (Storytelling House) in Prachinburi. Ban Lao Rueng serves everything from tempura marijuana leaves to pot pizza. Down the road from Ban Lao […]

  • Top 10 Reasons to Speed up Legalization of Cannabis in Thailand


    Given all the chaos going on around the world, it seems like now, more than ever, is when Thailand should embrace and legalize cannabis.   This window will not exist forever though.  Thailand has an opportunity to establish the Land of Smiles as the most forward-thinking country in the region.   Reason #1: The World […]

  • HE Medical Cannabis Clinic in Thong Lor Bangkok


    We recently added the HE Clinic in Thong Lor to our list of medical cannabis clinics. We also had the opportunity to ask Dr. Chayut some questions about this foreigner-friendly clinic to help further educate people on obtaining legal medical cannabis in Thailand. It’s certainly good to see more foreigner-friendly clinics opening up in Thailand […]

  • Is The Word Marijuana Racist in Thailand?


    While the use of the word “marijuana” is not as polarizing in Thailand as it is in other places, Sawaweed wanted to dive into the subject to explain how we use the terms cannabis, marijuana, and ganja editorially and whether Sawaweed feels the word “marijuana” is racist.   If you’re unaware of why “marijuana” is […]

  • The Medical Cannabis Rules for Thais

    Medical cannabis rules

    Medical cannabis rules in Thailand seems to be a bit of a mystery for most of us foreigners, but we have been getting various reports indicating where to go and what the process is.  Today, we’re going to explore the medical cannabis rules for Thais.  I was fortunate enough to run into a Thai citizen […]

  • Can Foreigners Get CBD or THC at a Thai Clinic?

    Thailand CBD Bottles

    UPDATE: July 22, 2020 Cannabis Activist and CEO of Elevated Estate, Kitty Chopaka, reached out to the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) who has been able to confirm that properly licensed private clinics are now authorized to offer cannabis prescriptions (See her YouTube podcast video below). While there are still some questions about how […]

  • History of Marijuana in Thailand

    Thai Marijuana Farming

    While most discussion of cannabis in Thailand is focused on the recent legal changes, the history of marijuana in Thailand goes back much farther. Researchers believe that hemp may have been one of the first plants to be regularly cultivated by early civilizations. There is evidence indicating that cannabis may have been cultivated in Japan […]