First Time Medical Cannabis User from US

first time medical cannabis user

Here at Sawaweed, one of our goals is to present a clear picture of the cannabis industry in Thailand and how it impacts foreigners who live or visit here.

Today we interview a Reddit user who lives in Thailand and became a first time medical cannabis user under the Thai government’s medical cannabis initiative.

Was your first experience with medical cannabis here in Thailand or were you exposed to it overseas prior to it becoming legal in Thailand? If overseas, how long had you been using medical cannabis prior to coming to Thailand?

I’m from Kentucky, USA. We did not (and still do not) have medical cannabis. My first experience with legally prescribed medical cannabis was in Thailand.

If you were using medical cannabis before coming to Thailand, what method of delivery did you prefer (edibles, flower, extracts, oils, tinctures, etc)?

As noted, I had not been legally using medical cannabis. However, my preference has always been flower and edibles.

How long have you had your medical cannabis prescription in Thailand?

Roughly 1 year

How did you first hear about the medical clinic where you received your prescription?

Web searches. I can’t recally where exactly.

What did you think about the overall experience a the clinic? Was it professional? Was it what you expected?

Incredibly professional. It was about what I expected.

Do you feel that Thailand has been moving too quickly, too slowly, or just about at the right pace with medical cannabis?

Far too slowly. It should be more widely available, better regulated and explained, and there should be a larger variety of products.

Do they refill prescriptions online or do you need to keep going back to the clinic?

I’m able to order refills online (via LINE).

At private clinics the price range is 1,000 – 1,500 baht. Is that in line with what you’ve been paying?


Most of the private clinics have been offering GPO THC and CBD/THC 1:1, what kind of medicine have you been receiving?

I use both CBD and AAA (THC) oils.

Do you plan on growing cannabis yourself if it becomes legal?


Have you been stopped or asked to submit a urine sample while under prescription? If so, how did that process go?


Sawaweed loves to hear stories about legal medical cannabis experiences in Thailand. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact us.