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Is Marijuana Legal in Thailand? The Definitive Guide


Ever since the Thai government voted 166 to 0 to legalize cannabis for medicinal use in Nov 2018, the question “Is marijuana legal in Thailand?” has been a hot topic both online and throughout Thailand. That partially stems from the fact that the penalties for misunderstanding the law are quite severe. Marijuana is still considered … Read more

Ganja: Why Thais Call Marijuana Ganja


While it might seem natural to think that Thais are using the slang term “ganja” (กัญชา) as a borrowed word from Jamaica or the Rastafarian religion, the word actually has it’s origins in the ancient language of Sanskrit, which is one of the languages that influenced the Thai language. The Sanskrit language is often referred … Read more

Ganja Festival 2020 to Be Hosted in Thailand


It has been announced that Thailand will serve as host for the first-ever World Ganja Festival in 2020. The event is designed to highlight the benefits of cannabis and promote Thailand as a leader in growing high-quality strains of marijuana. The event is being organized by The Association of Researchers of Thailand in association with … Read more